Welcome to InDwellings

Our Mission is to Create Homes of Love

It's All About Our Residents

Each InDwellings home is designed for safety and independent living.

A Vibrant Caring Community

We create community-based homes for adults with developmental disabilities.

Welcome to the InDwellings Community!

InDwellings is a small, nonprofit agency located in the Upstate of South Carolina. We provide housing and support services to adults with developmental disabilities -homes where residents can achieve their potential while participating actively in the community. 

People with intellectual disabilities are  often excluded, neglected, or even abused.

We work daily to ensure that people in our care live in a “home of love”.

 Serving With Love

We are always seeking out ways for the people in our care to contribute through service and we encourage volunteering within our organization too.  When you volunteer, you provide opportunities for personal growth and development for our residents. Please contact us if you have ideas for collaboration.

Why InDwellings?

People often think that bigger is better. We shop at the big box stores, eat at chain restaurants, and go to see the biggest box office movies and productions. But is this always best?  In Greenville, our smaller, local businesses are the heartbeat of the city.  They offer outstanding personalized service and attention to detail.

At InDwellings, we follow the same philosophy.  The best way we can support our residents is by providing fantastic, personalized care. We strive to be…

  • More approachable and responsive to needs and concerns

  • More person-centered and flexible in the delivery of services

  • More accountable where every individual matters more

 InDwellings relies on community support. Click the links to donate or learn more about how you can help out.

InDwellings, Inc. is always looking for opportunities to partner. Call or email us anytime if you have questions or ideas of how to help our community.

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 If you want to learn more about InDwellings click on the links above to get to know about our plans and our dedicated team.